Drainage Services – Blockages and Maintenance

Beyond tackling blockages, we have much more to offer when it comes your Drainage Systems.

New Works, Upgrades, Replacements or Preventative Maintenance. We offer solutions tailored to each client’s requirements. Often more than one option can be presented to our clients depending on their circumstances. We aim to make sure our clients completely understand the issue at hand and give them choices to find the best cost/benefit scenario to suit their needs.

Using our Pipe Camera (CCTV) and Locator Equipment, we are able to find and locate problems in your drainage systems for further investigation, preventative maintenance or excavation.

Preventative maintenance of sewer and storm water lines can be a great option for many situations. A scheduled appointment every 12-18 months can be a cost effective way to keep ageing drainage flowing better for longer and can substantially increase their working life. A great way to prevent or avoid costly dig-ups especially in areas where access is difficult or non-existent.

We Also carry the the best drainage treatment to combat tree roots.

At DDMP, we believe the perfect combination for great service is being user friendly, great value, and above all cost effective.

We use a specialised root killing treatment that was developed in the USA over 25 years ago and brought to the Australian market only a few years ago.
We have been using this product since it’s introduction and the results have amazed us.  It can be used and is most effective immediately after a blockage is cleared that is found to be caused by tree roots, it can also be used alone at regular intervals to noticeably increase the working life of your drainage systems. We have been very impressed by it’s effectiveness!

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Blocked Drains

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